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Stokes Valley volunteer firefighters Ben Horn and Renee Moffit did our Valley proud when they completed the race up Auckland's Sky Tower in full firefighting gear on May 17.

Ben completed the race - 1103 steps, 51 floors - to the top in 18 minutes and 43 seconds and Renee made it in 20.07, bettering her first two attempts with the Newlands brigade by two to three minutes.

They were among the 700 participants.

Every Wedenesday evening, members of the brigade gather at the fire station to participate in ongoing training to keep their skills up and to learn how to deal with various emergency situations.

Last Wednesday, the 27th November, a major training exercise was set up in George St (just around the corner from the fire station). The exercise was well-organised by Firefighters Stuart Berkeley and Byron Dennis. Byron had this to say about the night's events... "Workmen in a container with power tools locked-in by other workmates as a joke - then there was an explosion. Attended by Stokes Valley 431 and 432. Thanks to all those that helped and attended. Was a lot of fun had by all and the smoke-machine in the container worked well... along with the fake legs and blood!"

A big hello to you all from Stokes Valley Volunteer Fire Brigade.

I'm very pleased to announce that September has been a fair month for fire call outs. This is something we are all trying to reduce. We are, of course, still checking households for working smoke alarms. This statistic is still not where we need it to be, so, if you do not have smoke alarms, please get some installed. They should be installed in each bedroom where people are sleeping, living areas and internal access garages, etc. Remember, a sleeping person cannot smell smoke, smoke does not wake you up and it does kill.

Hello Stokes Valley and welcome to August as we head towards Spring.

As you know, I am all about the hot weather and can hardly wait until the heat comes back into our days.  As there has not been a Sitrep in a couple of months, I have lots to catch you up on.

Firstly, welcome to all those people and families that have moved into the area.  This is a great community with loads of good people wanting to ensure our community stays safe and remains a fantastic place to bring up your children.

Well, as you can imagine, the Fire Brigade has been very busy over the last 3 months due to the storms.  June was our second busiest month ever with mostly storm related callouts.

After our longest hiatus yet, Stokes Valley Volunteer Fire Brigade is back online with this new and improved website.  It's certainly been a long time coming but we hope the wait was worth it!

Apart from updating much of our content, we've introduced a new, modernised design and layout.  We've also integrated social networking for the first time; we'll be using Facebook and Twitter (in conjunction with the site itself) to keep our local community up-to-date with the latest happenings and activities that the brigade is involved in and to post news and public notices as they come to hand.
26th June 2013

A Hutt Valley man wrenched his elderly neighbour's bedroom window off its hinges to drag him from a burning house overnight.

A man in his 80s was taken to Hutt Hospital in a critical condition after a fire in his Horoeka St, Stokes Valley, house late last night. He was in a stable condition in the hospital's intensive care ward this morning.

Andrew StephenNeighbour Andrew Stephen at first thought the yells outside his home were someone down the side of his house.


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CFO-Phil-ElworthyEvery month (or as time allows), our Chief Fire Officer, Phil Elworthy, writes a "Situation Report" for our local community newspaper, the Stokes Valley Times.  Phil's Sit Rep is reproduced here.

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