Every Wedenesday evening, members of the brigade gather at the fire station to participate in ongoing training to keep their skills up and to learn how to deal with various emergency situations.

Last Wednesday, the 27th November, a major training exercise was set up in George St (just around the corner from the fire station). The exercise was well-organised by Firefighters Stuart Berkeley and Byron Dennis. Byron had this to say about the night's events... "Workmen in a container with power tools locked-in by other workmates as a joke - then there was an explosion. Attended by Stokes Valley 431 and 432. Thanks to all those that helped and attended. Was a lot of fun had by all and the smoke-machine in the container worked well... along with the fake legs and blood!"

We had our regular photographer on the scene to capture all the action. Over 80 photos have since been uploaded to our Flickr account. Enjoy!

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