Media Articles

It's not unusual for large fires and other emergencies to catch the attention of the media (for obvious reasons).  This is a selection of articles about some of the incidents our brigade has attended over the years, which have featured in local newspapers and various other publications.  There are also some articles written specifically about the brigade and/or its members. 

The brigade would like to thank the editors of the following publications for permission to reproduce their articles:

  • The Stokes Valley Times
  • The Hutt News
  • The Upper Hutt Leader
  • UFBA News
  • Star magazine

The Stokes Valley Times
August 2002

People not maintaining their smoke alarms is concerning Stokes Valley Fire Chief Stewart Walker.

He told the "Times" the brigade recently attended a property call where there were two smoke alarms in the house, but only one was operating as they "still had to get a battery" for the other.

The Hutt News
16th January 1996

An most 50-year association with Stokes Valley will come to an end for the Glover family at the end of January, when Phil Glover leaves the valley to take up a new position in Hamilton.

Phil's parents, Larry and Shirley Glover, settled in Stokes Valley in 1947, and built their family home at 263 Main Road. They lived there until their deaths in 1987 and 1988 respectively. Shirley Glover was a well known identity, having worked for many years in the Stokes Valley supermarkets. In the early years, when the children were young, she helped start the only playcentre in the valley.

Stokes Valley Volunteer Fire Brigade is the proud owner of a vintage 1939 Ford V8 open cab fire appliance. This fire engine was fully restored by Maurice Bognuda and his son, Aidan. Maurie had been approached by overseas parties interested in purchasing the appliance. However, after some subtle arm-bending, Maurie agreed to sell the appliance to the Stokes Valley brigade.

DCFO Geoff Curtis recieves the vintage appliance from Maurice Bognuda and his son, Aidan

Source unknown
21st October 1996

Street kids were seen hanging around a block of Stokes Valley flats before a unit was gutted by fire.

David Harding, occupier of the Evans St flat destroyed at the weekend, said street kids had been seen in the area.

"I had heard one of them was trying to get somewhere to crash. I can't think of anyone who would want to do this to me."

Mr Harding was in Auckland at the time of the fire. He was welcomed home with the bad news when his sister picked him up from the train on Monday morning.

It was believed the unit had first been burgled. Louvres were removed from the bathroom window. A video recorder and large jar of change were missing and a light had been left on.

The Hutt News
8th August 1989

After 49 years service as a fireman, you'd think Jim Deer would be looking forward to a well-earned break.

But the foundation member of the Stokes Valley Brigade says he's finding it hard to give fire-fighting up. "It's been my life", he explains.

It's a big deal when a firefighter makes it into the Gold Star league - 25 years of service. But in another 12 months, Jim would have been into double Cold Star country - if there was such a thing. He says with understatement there probably aren't other firemen around who have that record.
4th July 2007

Streets in the Upper Hutt city centre remained cordoned off after a major fire in a building in Main Street on Wednesday morning.

Six appliances battled the blaze in what is thought to be a building used for storage next to the Hallensteins store.

The blaze was under control by midday but it was not clear how much damage has been done.

Thick, black smoke was billowing out onto the streets and neighbouring shops were evacuated.

June 2002

This is the first time in the UFBA's history that a brigade has had two 50-year service medals honored to their members in a year, and not to mention two Gold Stars.

Stokes Valley has just awarded Stewart Walker a 50-year service medal and Lloyd Laurent a Gold Star, and on 26 October 2002, Colin Brown will be receiving his 50-year service medal and Bruce Dewar his Gold Star.