This is a complete list of all known current and former members of the Stokes Valley brigade, from the present year, all the way back to when the brigade was established in 1940.  The list indicates in which year each member first joined the brigade.

Note that this list was initially taken from the full brigade roll that was published in the brigade's 50th Anniversary publication, '50 Flaming Years', by France Tindall (up until 1989).  Unfortunately, it has become apparent over time that France's list was not 100% complete.  Since republishing his list here on our website, we have endeavoured to correct and/or add any names that may have been mispelt or even completely left out.  If anyone spots any other errors or omissions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will update the list again as soon as possible.


Andrew Mansfield


Benjamin Horn, Bryden Smith, Josh Bohana, Marcus Anderson, Ray van der Veen


Kat Smith, Dave Kennedy, Renee Moffit


Shane Cross


Stuart Berkeley, Damian Jackson