At the end of each calendar year, a "Firefighter of the Year" trophy is awarded to a firefighter who has shown a high level of dedication to the brigade during that year. The recipient is chosen by the officers of the brigade, and the trophy is usually presented at the brigade's last training night before the Christmas break.

The Firefighter of the Year trophy has been awarded to the following members:

1993:  Keith Grice
1994:  Graeme Jessup
1995:  G. Smith
1996:  Dean Carr
1997:  Richard Bee
1998:  Alan Cappleman
1999:  (Not presented)
2000:  Greg Wos
2001:  Rob Gladding
2002:  Darian Lumsden
2003:  Dean Bushby
2004:  Daniel Holland
2005:  Darian Lumsden
2006:  Ross Anderson
2007:  Dean Alabaster
2008:  Greg Wos
2009:  Geoff Curtis

2010:  Phil Elworthy
2011:  Steve Mercer
2012:  Stuart Berkeley
2013:  David Poole
2014:  Dave Kennedy
2015:  TBA
2016:  Renee Moffitt

Current members highlighted in bold