Kat Smith

Today in "Meet the Crew”, we meet the first of two female members in our brigade, Kat Smith.  Kat won firefighter of the year in 2015 and is our current Welfare officer, a very busy lady indeed.

Name:  Kat Smith
Rank: Firefighter
Length of service:  4 years, 3 months (as at 1st June 2016)
Nickname/s:  Kitty Kat, Station Mum, Mum, Katniss
Employer:  Abbott Bin Hire Ltd / Gasfitting & Plumbing Services Ltd

Why she joined:
"To give Rich (husband) a break every Wednesday night... No seriously, I saw a notice saying the brigade were recruiting and needed some new volunteers. So I came down, met with the Chief and never looked back."

Fun Facts:
- Current station paintball champion. (You should have seen the bruises, she took it like a champ!)
- Firefighter of the Year 2015
- Brings the 'female touch' to a crew. An example of this is at a house fire in 2015, our two female members took the extra step of ensuring saveable family photos and extra clothing were handed to family members all whilst still battling the blaze.
- She LOVES shoes. Quite often a serious topic of conversation is somehow changed into how Kat bought new shoes or saw some she wanted to buy. Her ability to steer/divert conversation is quite incredible.
- Kat is an amazing women who juggles life whilst still finding time to volunteer to help the community. She is a mother, wife, business owner/operator (two businesses in fact!!), a fantastic friend and, on top of all those, a great firefighter. She makes sure everyone is ok at all times, keeps us honest (safe to say she is happy to bring us down to earth when required!) and is the voice of reason in stressful times. This is among the many reasons we often call her the 'Station Mum'. She is one of the kindest people you will ever meet.