Renee Moffitt

This week in 'Meet the Crew', we meet the second female member in our brigade.

Name:  Renee Moffitt
Rank:  Qualified Firefighter
Length of Service:  7 years (as at 30th June 2016) - This includes 3 years with Newlands Volunteer Fire Brigade
Nicknames/s:  Ren, Clutch, Princess, Cricket
Employer:  Badminton Hutt Valley, Badminton Wellington and Wellington North Badminton

Why she joined:
"I never wanted to be a firefighter growing up, which is a little different to most of our members. My brother and brother-in-law were both volunteer firefighters and really enjoyed it. I was never interested, as who would really want to hangout with their brother as a teenager? "Come down, you should join up, Come on you'll love it, JOOOOIIINNNN.... Blah blah blah" was all I'd ever hear from my family encouraging me to give it a try.

Finally, after about 6 months of nagging, for some peace and quiet at family dinners I said, "Fine, I'll come and give it a crack'. Seven years later, I have never looked back or regretted pushing myself out of my comfort zone to give it a chance. There's nothing quite like it, especially seeing the faces of the people we meet, be it smiles, relief or otherwise. I'd encourage anyone, male or female, who has ever contemplated it to just take the bull by the horns and get amongst it. I'm sure you will love it as we all do."

Fun Facts:
- Has competed in the Fire Fighter Sky Tower Stair Climb 3 times (Best time of 20:07). She will be back to smash the 20 minute mark in 2017 after a few years off.
- Competed in the 2015 and 2016 season of the Fire Fighter Combat Challenge, taking on all three categories in that time (Individual, Relay and Tandem).
- Leads brigade Recruitment, Promotions and Fire Safety.
- Was "Miss January" in the 2011 female firefighter calendar which raised money for canteen. She put her hand up for this because it was a great cause and she got dared to do so by fellow members of the brigade.

What can we say about Renee?
Renee is the driving force for our station in recruitment, promotions and fire safety, without her it would be a mess. You know what it is like leaving males in charge, haha. Renee is like a big sister to most of us here at the station, she is always looking out for us, telling us off or having a laugh with us. This make her so great to have around. It would definitely be very different without her as a member of our brigade and having her in our lives as a friend. Renee is always doing something extra and thinking outside the square to promote not just the station but the fire service also, she is an extremely valuable member of our brigade and a perfect example that girls can do anything. She is simply the best.